Helicopter Flight School Santa Barbara

Now Offering Flight Instruction at Nanco Helicopters

Nanco Helicopters is now offering helicopter training and flight instruction in addition to our other services. At our helicopter flight school in Santa Barbara, we know learning to fly is an once in a lifetime experience and we are excited to offer this great new service. As Southern and Central California’s leading full-service helicopter company, Nanco Helicopters was built on two core values, professionalism and reliability. Our new flight instruction service offers students a streamlined, yet thorough, flight training program. As a result, flight students can complete their training in a timely manner to complete their certification or flight instruction goals. We train the safest and most skilled pilots in the industry.

Nanco Helicopters flight school conducts training under the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 61. Nanco Helicopters offers various helicopter training services that are designed to meet your individual needs and flight career goals. All courses are taught by highly experienced certified flight instructors.

Nanco Helicopters is located in Santa Barbara County at the Santa Barbara airport beside some of the most beautiful landscape and scenery this country has to offer, from the Santa Barbara city downtown area, the beautiful coastline, to the Channel Islands and more. Due to amount of sunshine we are fortunate to have here in Santa Barbara (averaging over 200 annual days of sun) training here has many benefits. Training here is also ideal due to the terrain of our county and coastline, providing the student with mountains, coastline, sunshine and more so they can be fully prepared.

Our Santa Barbara flight school training courses include:

Private Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Certified Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot


Instrument Instructor

Turbine Transition

External Load

High Altitude Mountain Training

Pilot Refresher Training

Whether your are interested in getting certified or learning how to fly a helicopter, contact us today for more information and pricing packages.

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